A spirited design for an ever-changing world, the Cadillac SRX is a crossover with style, space, and safety. Combining bold looks with advanced technology, its athletic exterior complements an airy cabin that’s home to a thoughtful combination of high-tech features and cut-and-sewn details. Seamlessly blending beauty, technology, functionality, and performance, the SRX leaves no room—or need—for compromise.

15CASR30045_V2Performance – An exceptional driving experience. Inside the SRX, you’ll find a potent combination of V6 power and high-tech performance features. With its aerodynamic lines, available sport suspension, and highly capable 3.6L V6 engine, the SRX was built to deliver a dynamically responsive ride.


15CASR30099_V1-4STechnology – Applications and content, right at your fingertips. Cadillac CUE® connects you to a wealth of music, entertainment, and communication systems including available 3-D GPS Navigation, Doppler weather, and NavTraffic. And it’s all controlled by Natural Voice Recognition, so you can access Cadillac CUE® in your normal speaking voice, without taking your eyes off the road.


15CASR30113Interior – Bold styling meets modern amenities. Details like hand-stitched leather and genuine wood trim are paired with a suite of cutting-edge technology and safety features, offering beauty, convenience, and peace of mind at the same time.


15CASR30059_V3-4SExterior – Form meets function. Sharp, sculpted lines help improve aerodynamics. Available HID headlamps illuminate your path and make a striking first impression. And energy-efficient LED tail lamps turn heads while guaranteeing a graceful exit.


15CASR30056_V1Safety – With its high-strength steel cage and strategically placed airbags, the SRX is built to help keep you and your passengers safe. Plus, a sophisticated network of radar sensors and cameras constantly monitor your movement and surroundings, altering you to possible crash threats so you can take action to help avoid them.